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Pest Control in Dayton, OH

There are many strategies to safeguard your house in Dayton. You can set up a fence, keep everything locked up securely, and established a practical security system. However, that can't safeguard your home from smaller unseen dangers like bugs and other problem pests. Pests are an annoying problem to have, however they are not unusual in Dayton, OH. The climate guarantees that you have to deal with nature's pests throughout the year! Call us today if you are struggling with pests like ants, spiders, cockroaches, fleas, millipedes, crickets, centipedes, silverfish or ticks.

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We handle all kinds of pest control problems in Dayton Ohio!

Pest Control Services

Without the appropriate bug proofing, your Dayton house is at risk to much of these intruders. You never ever know when you might find ants in your pantry, spiders in your basement, or silverfish ruining your book collection.

That’s why pest control services can help uncover, treat, and prevent any problems that occur from dealing with pests in any part of your home or garden.

As one of Dayton’s most reputable and vouched for pest control businesses, we are devoted to keeping your home safe from any of the following pests:

  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • Fleas
  • Millipedes
  • Crickets
  • Centipedes
  • Silverfish
  • Ticks

If you are experiencing a pest problem, fill out our ‘Get a Quote’ form to get a professional to look at your insect pest challenges. Let the specialists worry about your pest problem!


Ant problems are not uncommon in Ohio homes. Leaving out food or mishandling some leftovers can result in an unpleasant amount of six-legged crawlers in your home.

We are experts at effectively eradicating ants from houses through safe and effective methods. We understand that not all Dayton homes are the same, and we deploy sensible solutions that fit the environment you live in.


Spiders are one of the most common phobias people have, so you should not be forced to confront them when they invade your house. Pests like spiders get into your home looking for food and shelter– a safe place for them to breed and live. Contact us and restore control of your home or property, top to bottom with our special services. Reclaim your home against a spider onslaught.


Cockroaches are never an encouraging sight and are frequently discovered infesting the pantry. Messy meals, excess crumbs, and un-stored leftovers all bring in these pests. Even if your house is tidy, often they come from from neighboring structures through no fault of your own!

Furthermore, leaking water lines and other wet locations are a typical breeding ground for cockroaches. Regrettably, they are a year-round problem that poses a risk to your Dayton house. Call us for a special, one-of-a-kind treatment that fits your residential or commercial property and repels the cockroach threat!


Fleas are certainly never something anybody wishes to put up with, because they attack you and your family pets. If you are a family pet owner, you have to pay particular attention to fleas given that they can easily leap from your lawn and into your loved one’s fur, infesting the rest of your house.

As a pest control business, we know that these pests can lie in wait in the most accessible areas, such as your bed, furnishings, or floor gaps. For expert and trustworthy pest management, fill out our Get a Quote form as soon as possible.


During a heavy stretch of rain, the risk of an infestation of millipedes leaps up significantly. Excess rain and cooler temps all increase the possibility of these home invaders. Too much rain can encourage them to look for shelter in your dry and safe house.

On the flip side, a dry spell may drive them inside in search of a more moist environment. No matter the time of year, you can count on us to use effective treatments that clear your Dayton home of millipedes.


What’s worse than having creepy insects in your house or company? Hearing those same bugs. When you have crickets invading your property, you more than likely can hear them– a clear sign of a cricket infestation.

As a consequence, a professional property inspection is needed because you probably can’t located the darn thing. These pests can burrow themselves in floor cracks and baseboards.

Calling us– the very best pest control business in Dayton– means you get expert guidance and relief from your cricket problem.


Centipedes often inadvertently find their way inside your property. If they do, they are most likely searching for food. They prefer spiders, worms, and other arthropods for food, so if you discover them in your home, then you may have a more substantial pest problem.

Luckily, we can handle all of this for you. Submit our Get A Quote form today!


A common pest found especially in older houses is the silverfish. If you have leaky pipes, broken gutters, or improperly installed spigots, silverfish are going to be more interested in your Dayton home or place of business.

They like the wet conditions and can infiltrate inside your home easily. Plus, if you have water problems, this can make the wood of your Ohio house or place of business softer, allowing for more pests to get in. To request an estimate, fill out our form today!


Maybe the most obviously damaging pests to your body are ticks. When they make contact with your skin, they can latch on and give you a disease like anaplasmosis.

Ticks hide in woody or brushy areas, and it is always possible for them to get into your home. To protect your house– top to bottom– from this creepy pest, contact us for a stress free estimate and reliable treatments.

Factors for Dayton Pest Control

When you want to regain control of your Dayton house or office from a pest problem, our services are here to assist. We provide an uniquely customized treatment so that you can find peace of mind. We can likewise provide preventative treatments for when you wish to secure your Ohio home or office from future invaders.

Our services can treat your pest problems at any time of the year. Call us for a standard inspection, reliable remediation, and 100% safe prevention strategies. Our goal is to help people like you reclaim your house and live worry-free with our services– you can likewise call if you are experiencing other pests.


Call our Dayton pest control services for a standard inspection. Though you might not know it, requesting an annual property inspection is always a terrific idea, specifically if you are in a heavily wooded area or a significantly rainy location in Dayton, Ohio. Some people wait about five years for an inspection, but this leaves plenty of time for pest control problems and infestations to get out of hand.


Nearly every house or business experiences a pest management issue at least once in their owner’s lifetime. So, don’t feel bad if you need remediation pest control services. We are more than pleased to provide safe, expert, and reputable treatments for your living space.

As a successful pest management company, we modify and adjust our extremely well researched methods to fit your house or office space appropriately. No building is constructed the same, and no pest problem is identical.


Many people have locks and keys to protect their houses, however they most likely don’t have a pest management plan.

With our pest control services, you can successfully safeguard your home from prospective intruders using safe and healthy methods.

As always, you can request an estimate or call us for more information about how our prevention service affects your home. Spot possible problems before they happen!

Why Choose Us for Pest Control Services?

There are lots of Dayton pest control services out there, but only a few can give you the safe and trustworthy service you are trying to find. As a family-owned company in Dayton that has operated in the industry for several years, we can resolve your pest problem efficiently and tailor our program to your specific needs.

Family Owned and Operated

We take pride in our work and our business. Ever since the first day we opened, we have been family-owned and operated. Since family is so essential to the fabric of our operations, we know the importance of safeguarding your house and relatives from pests. We are happy to aide any family in need of pest management control.

Years of Experience

Our pest control business has years of experience in the local market, which has allowed us to learn the best methods and develop our services. As a result, we can offer you with knowledgeable service and guidance when you have to deal with a worrying problem such as an ant infestation pest control issue.

Effective Process

Lots of other pest control businesses apply a standard process for all their services. Every house is the same to them. Unlike them, we understand the significance of personalized plans because no pest issue in Ohio is identical.

Our procedure starts with a thorough evaluation and inspections of the impacted area. Then, we utilize that evaluation to develop a tailored plan that uses safe and effective pest control techniques.

When our certified pest control professionals complete the treatment, they tell you the methods you can use to avoid the problem from manifesting again.

Expert Service

When you let us conduct pest control services in your Dayton house or office, you are letting us into a part of your life. Because of this, our experts are always professional when completing their work and are happy to answer any questions and address issues.

Certified Specialists

Before starting any pest control treatments, we guarantee that all our professionals are accredited. After investing so much time in the pest control industry, we understand it is essential to send trusted and certified professionals to take care of your home.

Do not hesitate to ask questions when the licensed professional is treating your pest control issue. Contact us and be assigned a dependable specialist today!

Flexible Hours

Another one of the benefits our company offers is flexible hours. We understand that an unexpected pest control problem can happen anytime– even in the middle of the workweek. Thankfully, you can contact us any day of the week to ask for pest control help or for estimates. We are happy to provide our services any day of the week.

Easy Estimates

One of our great services we provide are hassle free quotes. Before you hand over your hard earned money on pest control solutions, you need to know how much the service is going to cost. Contact us to learn more about your pest control scenario or complete our Get A Quote form!

Pest Control in Dayton, OH

Pest control problems can happen at any time– and, for some reason, it always feels like they happen at the worst possible times. When an important problem happens, be sure to call us for a convenient estimate, friendly assistance, and professional experience.

Submit our pest control form and get a quote now!

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