Groundhog Removal of Dayton, OH

Once you start seeing groundhog holes pop up, it’s time to call AAAC Wildlife Removal. Groundhog dens can have 5 or more entrances, each of which will damage your equipment, sprain your ankle, and put your farm animals out of commission. It’s no use plugging the holes because they’ll just make more. Before you get hurt or your equipment gets damaged, give AAAC Wildlife Removal a call.

Groundhog in a field
Groundhogs love to dig tunnel networks around your home and garden

Groundhog Removal Dayton

We offer top-notch animal control services in Dayton and Miami Valley, Ohio. The credit for our success goes to our elite team of local, certified, and licensed wildlife pest control experts. Our expertise and knowledge will assist families and homeowners with groundhog removal in both environmentally friendly and humane ways. We are here to educate and help you understand everything you need to know about removing groundhogs around Dayton, Ohio. Trust us to be your wildlife removal company when you need to get rid of any problematic groundhogs on your property.

The wide range of wildlife control services we offer in Ohio is no challenge for us, regardless of the size or nature of your problem. We utilize efficient and humane practices when dealing with wildlife. Contact us for assistance. Our services include pest removal as well as damage repair if needed.

Damage to a property is very common with groundhogs in the mix. Our groundhog removal team understands the inconvenience it may cause you. Our main goal is to resolve your groundhog issue, however, we are more than willing to assist with any repair tasks when needed.

Before we begin to trap and exclude the pests, we conduct a free inspection. We will investigate your property so we may fully assess the issue and come up with the ideal solution and treatment method. Other than the inspection, there is no way for us to handle groundhog infestations masterfully and humanely. 

What Is a Groundhog? 

Groundhogs are also known as marmots, woodchucks, and whistle pigs. They are described as large ground-dwelling rodents and are related to squirrels. There are about six species of groundhogs and these animals typically invade areas near vegetable gardens and crops, destroying and eating everything in sight. This is why clients call us for our damage repair and groundhog removal services in Ohio.

Groundhogs are slow runners that, when threatened, often scurry off to their dens. Dens which are generally nearby on your property.  They have four legs, a grizzled brownish-gray fur color, chubby bodies, short tails, and long curved claws designed for digging burrows. If you need groundhog removal, Dayton wildlife control professionals are standing by.

Why we’re the best Groundhog Removal Services in Dayton?

Groundhogs can destroy your yard, eat your garden away, and create burrows in and around your house or deck. If you have groundhogs intruding on your property, the primary problem is their burrows. Their tunnels and nests can cause all sorts of damage to your property.  This is why you need to contact us. We are the groundhog removal and control experts in Dayton, Ohio.

They are capable of causing considerable damage to your yard and property. The ideal way of handling your groundhog problem is to give us a call as we are the best company to employ. We will take care of your wildlife issues. Our Dayton, Ohio wildlife control services also extend to other critter removals, such as raccoons, birds, bats, and other invasive wildlife. 

We guarantee that you are not going to be disappointed with our damage repair and groundhog removal. Dayton wildlife control experts can help, call us today.

Wildlife Removal in Dayton, Miami Valley, and Huber Heights, Ohio

Groundhogs are vegetarians. You can expect them to eat all of the plants in your garden, this can cause serious distress for any homeowner. Our Dayton, Ohio groundhog removal service ensures proper and humane removal of groundhogs from your property, including decks and sheds. The issue is taken care of once you give us a call. Our wildlife control experts do groundhog removal throughout the Dayton, Ohio area including Huber Heights.

Our professional wildlife control experts will be there to help in such instances. We know groundhog control. In Dayton, Ohio, groundhogs are famous for digging beneath a property’s foundation. This is a serious safety hazard. They may also cause you to end up with a lawn full of animal waste. Every year, homeowners complain to wildlife control experts about damage from groundhogs and try to limit their population. Some viable options you can explore for animal removal and control in Dayton, and the surrounding areas are:

Fencing in Dayton, and the Miami Valley, Ohio

There probably is no way to build a fence around your entire farm or large property but your flower plots, garden, and other buildings can withstand a little fencing for the control of these animals.  When putting up a fence, it should be at least three feet high and made of sturdy heavy poultry wire or two inches of woven mesh wire. Burying the lower edge about 12 inches underground with about 6 inches of it bent in an L-shape projecting outwards can prevent a groundhog from burrowing under the fence. The same goes for other wildlife such as raccoons. 

Trapping Wildlife in Miami Valley, Ohio

When we are finished inspecting your attic, garden, and other areas on your property, our humane approach to trapping for groundhog removal begins. Our groundhog removal professions will utilize the live trapping method. If we were to use poison, for example, we may risk killing plants in your garden or potentially harming you or your pets.  Poisons are detrimental to the environment and pose a threat to your home and family.

Wildlife preservation is one of our main goals, that is why we opt for trapping. We want you to be free from your groundhog worries while providing the most efficient and professional services around. We are dedicated to keeping you and your property safe from any pests such as groundhogs, bats, squirrels, etc., we are always safe when handling and removing unwanted wildlife from your property.

We know how to handle the trapping process effectively in Dayton. Wildlife can become a domestic problem but we know how these critters think. Our advanced trapping techniques ensure successful groundhog removal. 

Whether it is selecting the right foods for bait or choosing the right location to set the traps, wildlife removal comes naturally to us. These factors come together to ensure that we have a success rate with live groundhog removal in Dayton.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wildlife Control and Dayton Groundhog Removal

We are often asked many questions about our services, below are some of the most frequently asked questions.

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Groundhog Removal Done in Ohio?

In Ohio, groundhog removal prices often range from $150-$300. Since they are typically found in yards and occasionally crawlspaces, the cost is inclusive of setting live traps and removing them after the groundhog is captured. The methods used by one of our wildlife experts are always simple, safe, fast, and effective, but multiple visits may be required depending on the severity of the infestation. 

Groundhog removal in Dayton must only be done by a licensed and certified groundhog control professional. Groundhogs multiply very quickly and if not taken care of, they can take over your yard and destroy your garden, patio, lawn, decks, shed, and property at large. As such, a professional and reputable pest and wildlife control company with years of expertise in groundhog trapping, humane methods of relocation, and capture must be the first contact for groundhog removal. Call us today!

Does Animal Control Handle Groundhogs in Ohio?

Animal Control does not handle wild animals like Groundhogs, only domestic pets like dogs and cats. Groundhog removal in the Dayton area is something that we handle with a professional style. While we get rid of the groundhogs and leave your yard in a better state in the spring. Wildlife Control in Dayton, Ohio is a discipline that requires service professionals to recognize and respond to an animal’s needs. That is why we highly recommend that you use our services to protect your property. 

Can You Kill a Wildlife like Groundhog in the State of Ohio?

Before you decide to pick up the phone and call us, you may feel the need to take the less professional route and handle it yourself. So, is it legal to kill groundhogs in Ohio? Is it like bat removal where you must use the professional Miami Valley company or risk breaking the local laws?

The laws surrounding groundhog protection in Dayton, Ohio are not so stringent. On the hunting side of the spectrum, groundhogs are free and fair game. Get yourself a Miami Valley-based hunting license and you’re just about ready to go. However, you cannot just shoot groundhogs off any lawn you see. Even if a groundhog seems like an easy kill in someone’s garden or under decks, you must get the permission of a landowner in Ohio to make the kill.

What if you’re not hunting the groundhog? Some wildlife can be killed outside of hunting and a groundhog fits that bill. If a problem groundhog is terrorizing your attic, lawn, or decks in the Miami Valley area, then you can kill it. The law in Dayton, Ohio tends to offer wildlife protection, but there are exceptions. A groundhog and its burrows can be such an exception. When the critter starts to make its burrows, it can damage your property, cause patios to become uneven and decks to collapse, and more. 

That is one of the reasons why we offer groundhog damage repair. A groundhog tends to dig at a home’s foundation, which is devastating to any home.

We strongly suggest professional groundhog removal rather than DIY extermination. If you attempt to exterminate them on your own it is highly unlikely that your groundhog issue will be fixed. Groundhogs breed very quickly, it is best for professionals like us to handle the issue for good. The critters can stay alive without bothering you once you allow our groundhog removal team in Ohio to tackle your pest control issue using the trapping method.

Is it a Legal Act to Relocate a Groundhog in Miami Valley, Ohio?

Relocation of a groundhog is not an illegal act. It is the most common option for homeowners that are faced with unwanted wildlife, including groundhogs. An inspection, followed by live trapping the animal and releasing it in the forest or a leafy park is often considered the most humane way to go about things.

Groundhogs do not settle in easily when placed in new and unfamiliar surroundings, regardless of how welcoming they might appear to humans. The statistics for groundhogs and other animals that are relocated to woodlands and other natural forestry do not paint a good picture. Of course, the exception to this removal rule lies within who completes the said animal removal. Our professional groundhog removal company is adept at helping wildlife settle into new surroundings.

During the springtime or summer, you might see a groundhog around your property. It might be due to the need for a safe place to birth their young, which means they find your lawn, deck, or garden to be a safe place to bear and rear young ones. There are dangers to the relocation of wild animals. When they suddenly find themselves in a strange place, they become dazed and confused, not knowing where to find shelter, water, or food. This is another reason removal is important.

They find themselves in another animal’s habitat, which means they risk being attacked, chased, and eaten. Escaping from predators is hard, as there is nowhere to run or hide, and they go on a desperate search for their young, which they have been separated from. 

If you discover a groundhog nesting in your yard or shed, you may see it as a nuisance. However, the best option is to exercise some patience, pick up your phone, and call for a wildlife removal company. Even if you think you can catch it and release it on your own, call us to handle it in a humane manner. That way, you don’t have to deal with burrows in your garden and the groundhog gets to live in a conducive environment.

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We are passionate about helping our friends, neighbors, and customers manage their wildlife issues, and keep their homes safe and secure. If you’re struggling with an uninvited guest in your house or yard, give us a call!

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